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Activated carbon

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Minimum Quantity: 1 pieces

FOB Price: $1

+ Industry of food and agro-product processing
+ Industry of food processing
+ Manufacture of military anti-toxic masks
+ Exploitation of mineral, gold refinery, steel refinery
+ Manufacturing industry of chemicals, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals
+ Purification of drinking water, tap water, industrial waste water and civilian water.
- Shape: Unshaped
- Color: Typical black
- Water solubility: Nil
- Solvent solubility: Nil
- Moisture: 5% max
- Ash: 3% max
- Hardness: 95% min
- PH: 9-11
- Ignition point: Above 450oC
- Particle size: 0.075 mm-4.75 mm (4 mesh-200 mesh)
No Specifications Water purification Gas treatment Deodorization Gold refinery
1 Iodine number (mg/g) 900 -1100 1.200 1.050 1.100
2 CTC absorption (%) 40-60 65 55 60
3 Methylene Blue (Ml/g) 130 -180 200 160 170
4 Benzene (%) 22-33 35 30 33
- Granular activated carbon: In the form of particles with a size of 0.2 to 5 mm. This type is used to handle air, gas and liquid applications.
- Activated charcoal powder: As coal is pulverized with a key size is less than 0.18mm. Coal is mainly used to handle gases, liquids and gases.
- Activated carbon injection: How extruded from the cylinder with a diameter of 0.8 to 5 mm. This type is mainly used for gas processing applications, high mechanical strength and low dust.
If you have any inquiriers please feel free to contact us at email: info@shinesun.com.vn

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Product Name: Activated carbon

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Unit Price: $1 USD

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