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Pangasius oil

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Minimum Quantity: 1 pieces

FOB Price: $1

Pangasius oil guaranteed to produce 100% ingredients from Pangasius. Pangasius oil contains 90-98% triglyceride, which is the ester of fatty acids and glycerin. There are also color, odor, vitamintan in oils such as A, E, D ... are the essential energy supply for pets.
Fat is the main source of energy for living and developing organisms.
Pangasius fat contains lipids and lipoids. Fish lipids are mainly polyunsaturated fatty acids: linoleic acid, lioneic acid, arachodonic acid. The biological role of unsaturated fatty acids is important for the liver, brain, heart, gonads. To improve feed efficiency, improve productivity.
Using open fish in food helps pets grow fast.
- Product Type: Animal Oil
- Type: Fish Oil
- Processing Type: Crude
- Packaging: Drum
- Color: Light Yellow Liquid
- Purity (%): 99.9%
- Volume (L): 180/190kg Drum
- Place of Origin: Vietnam
- Brand Name: Brand name
- Use: Animal Feed
- Product Name: Pangasius fish oil
- Product Form: Pangasius
- Appearance: Oil Liquid
- Available Colors: Yellow liquidPackage: Drum
- MOQ: 40MT
- AV: 3 % max
- Fat: 98 % min
- Moisture: 1% max
- Impurities: 1 % max

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Product Name: Pangasius oil

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Unit Price: $1 USD

Unit: Drum

Min. Quantity: 1

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