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Fresh royal jelly

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Minimum Quantity: 1 pieces

FOB Price: $100

Appearance: Canary Serum State.
Odor and Taste: Royal jelly smell, acrid taste.
Moisture: 62.5% – 67.5%
Protein: No less than 11%
Ash: 0.8% – 1%
Sulphated Ash: No more than 0.4%
Sugar: 9%-10% (glucoza, fructoza, sucroza)
Enzim: Vitamin B complex and other vitamin.
Starch: None
10-HAD: 1.4% – 2.2%
Origin: Vi?t Nam
price: Call for pricing
packing: 290kg steel drums or 250g, 400g, 500g, or customized
Email: info@vdelta(dot)com(dot)vn / vdeltacompany@gmail(dot)com
Website: http://vdeltagoods(dot)com

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Product Name: Fresh royal jelly

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Unit Price: $100 USD

Unit: 1000

Min. Quantity: 1

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