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Salted jellyfish

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Minimum Quantity: 1 pieces

FOB Price: $1000

The salted jelly-fish has been liked by world client. In manufacturing process, we take the jelly-fish apart 2 parts: body and leg, to make 2 excellent products: Body and Head of salted jelly-fish.
After our fisherman catch them from the sea, we mix with clean salt until solidify, then we pack in wooden box to export. We don’t use any adjuvant and chemical which harm to human. It can be kept for a long time from the day we catch.
- Storage: Jellyfish are preserved by salt.
- Storage time: 6 - 12 months
- Size : 17 – 25cm, 25 - 33cm, 33cm - up
- Moisture : 65 - 75%
- Salt : 16 - 24%
- Packing: according to the customer's requirement.
Email: info@vdelta(dot)com(dot)vn / vdeltacompany@gmail(dot)com
Website: http://vdeltagoods(dot)com

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Product Name: Salted jellyfish

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Unit Price: $1000 USD

Unit: 1000

Min. Quantity: 1

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