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Laser Cutting Machine For PCD BLANKS PCBN CBN CVD ALLOY Material Cutting

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Minimum Quantity: 1 pieces

FOB Price: $48000

According to the special cutting requirements of ultra-hard materials, our company cooperates with relevant laser scientific research institutes and 2 of largest super hard materials factories to joint together and develop this laser cutting machine; after long-term production Tests and performance improvements, this laser machine performs the best cutting results when cutting various ultra-hard materials with different thickness, such as PCD/PCBN Blanks, PDC Cutters, CBN blanks, CVD Diamonds, ceramics and Alloy. The main performance of this laser cutting machine has reached the highest level of similar products in the world. It is the ideal equipment for cutting super hard materials. ?also called ultra-hard materials, such as PCD, PCBN composite materials and PCD, PCBN polycrystalline materials, CVD single crystal and polycrystalline, and other ultra-hard materials, also ceramic and alloy etc) and other difficult-to-cut materials

1?High laser technology: Good quality and small divergence Angle, fast cutting speed, It can be available to cut thicker material with small heat affected zone to save material.
2. High stability of the equipment: the laser power of cutting machine is very stable, and it can work continuously for 24 hours.
No need to debug in daily work with high utilization rate of the equipment.
3. Tailored model of machine can be offered to maximize the potential applications of equipment with economic and practical requirement.
4. User-friendly operation system make the cutting work easy and efficient.

Laser system (one cavity with two Xeon lamp, two-cavity three-lamps), power system, Laser transmission and focusing system, Control system and worktable, Red laser indicating system and CCD monitoring system, chiller system

Ability to work
?Straight cut
?Chamfering (inclinable within 45 degrees)
?Marking (optional feature)
?can work 24 hours, cutting any shape of two-dimensional patterns

Cutting performance
? 1.6mm Thick PCD cutting speed: >120mm/min, Kerf Width: <0.10mm
Heat damage range: <0.05mm
? 2.0mm Thick PCD cutting speed: >90mm/min, Kerf Width: <0.12mm
Heat damage range: <0.07mm
? 3.5mm Thick PCD cutting speed: >30mm/min, Kerf Width: <0.14mm
Heat damage range: <0.09mm

Our laser cutting machine is widely used in China famous companies such as Zhong nan diamond and SF Diamond etc. Machine working stabilityand cutting efficiency are completely satisfied and approved !

Service term?
1. Henan Precision provides free pre-sales technical consultation and after-sale personnel training: The training content includes laser system basic knowledge, processing operation, maintenance and simple trouble-shooting etc.

2, timely and efficient after-sales service: We promise to appoint engineer to solve the problem immediately on the same day only, if it is necessary to go on-door,our engineer will react fast to the site for technical support with no more than 48 hours .

3, In addition to optical consumables, Henan Precision promises a free warranty of 2 years on the hardware maintenance.

4. Provide customers with timely and reliable technical support to solve customers' problems in laser cutting of superhard materials, and it is also an effective way for our company to constantly learn and improveourself.

Welcome your inquiry and visit Henan Precision diamond laser cutting machine workshop for checking the machine and discussing for cooperation !

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Product Name: Laser Cutting Machine For PCD BLANKS PCBN CBN CVD ALLOY Material Cutting

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Unit Price: $48000 USD

Unit: piece

Min. Quantity: 1

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