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Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter

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Minimum Quantity: 1 pieces

FOB Price: $200

Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter

Frequency range 0.32 to 112GHz.
Military, space and commercial applications.
Low insertion loss, high isolation, high power handling.
Custom design available upon request.

Model Number: UIYWTCWR2300A320T490NF
Freq.Range(MHz): 320~490
Insertion Loss Max(dB): 0.12
VSWR Max : 1.25
Connector Type (Waveguide): WR2300(BJ3)
Connector Type (Coaxial): N-F
CW Power (W): 100
Peak Power(KW) : 3
Temp.(°C) : -55 ~ +85

Model Number: UIYWTCWR340A217T33NF
Freq.Range(GHz): 2.17 ~ 3.3
Insertion Loss Max(dB): 0.2
VSWR Max:1.25
Connector Type (Waveguide): WR340 (BJ26)
Connector Type (Coaxial): N-F
CW Power (W): 100
Peak Power(KW):3
Temp.(°C) : -55 ~ +85

Model Number: UIYWTCWR75A984T15SF
Freq.Range(GHz): 9.84 ~ 15.0
Insertion Loss Max(dB): 0.2
VSWR Max: 1.15
Connector Type (Waveguide): WR75(BJ120)
Connector Type (Coaxial): SMA-F
CW Power (W): 50
Peak Power(KW) :1
Temp.(°C) : -55 ~ +85

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Product Name: Waveguide to Coaxial Adapter

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Unit Price: $200 USD

Unit: 1

Min. Quantity: 1

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