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Portland Cement ASTM Type I

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Minimum Quantity: 1 pieces

FOB Price: $50

We would be thankful for your kind attention and precious time to introduce ourselves that we are manufacturers of the large range of Cement Vietnam. We produce cement such as:
- Cement ASTM C150 Type I
- Cement EN 197 -1:2011/CEM I 42.5N
- Cement EN 197 -1:2011/CEM I 52.5N

Cement intensity high
This feature creates concrete products, both high-intensity, shorten construction time, or reduce the amount of cement needed. Reassuring customers in concreting: manicure, columns, beams, floors.

Good workability
Help for mortar, concrete more flexible, making it easy construction workers. This feature plays an important role in the work of completing the building: plaster, smooth, tiles, paving.

Stable quality
This is the most important characteristic Xuan Thanh Cement always set out with all their products. Thanks to this feature, the house will have good quality despite prolonged construction period.
WhatsApp: +84918165522

Portland Cement ASTM Type I

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Product Name: Portland Cement ASTM Type I

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Unit Price: $50 USD


Min. Quantity: 1

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